The Sims 2: All in One LP
The Sims 2 TN
Theme The Sims 2
Total Episodes 29
First Episode June 18, 2014
Last Episode March 24, 2015
Unique Sims Amanda Lothario
World(s) Downtown
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Let's Play The Sims 2 All In One LP is an extension of Lifesimmer's The Sims 2 University LP.This LP is the next chapter of Amanda's life, who was the main character in The Sims 2 University LP. 

Due to long-term inactivity and a conclusive statement from Lifesimmer, this LP is considered cancelled by Lifesimmer Wiki standards.


After Amanda graduated from Sim State University with a degree in Arts, she moves into Downtown to start the next chapter of her life. She invited Avri Miller, her University boyfriend to move in with her, and they got a roommate named Jason Menon. Later on, Amanda starts to cheat on Avri with Don Lothario who moved in to the unit opposite of the Lopez Household. However, Avri still continues to live in the apartment despite being furious with Amanda. Eventually, Amanda gets pregnant with Don's baby, and gives birth to a baby girl named Rose in Part 7: "Baby". Avri then kicks Jason out of the apartment to make space for Amanda's growing family. Amanda also asks Don to move in with her, which he agrees to. In Part 8, Rose ages up into a toddler and Amanda buys a bakery in Bluewater Village. Meanwhile, Avri began getting close to his fellow neighbor Michelle Tse. Avri proposed to Michelle on impulse, which leads to her rejecting him. However, the pair still maintained a good relationship after that. Finally, in Part 9, Avri proposes to Michelle once again, and she joyfully accepts. They move out together into another unit in the same apartment building. In part 10 Rose ages up into a child. Lifesimmer also revealed that Avri and Michelle are expecting a baby.

Sims 2 LP returns 3 month later, with Part 11.  Amanda and Don becomes engaged, marries, and leave for their honeymoon in Twikki Island. The couple returns in Part 15.  Lifesimmer sells the bakery, adopts a kitten named Bonker and a puppy named Benny, and moves out. Rose ages into a teen in Part 16, and the family starts a home bakery. Twins Willow and Piper are born, age up into toddlers, and aged up into children. Meanwhile Rose turns into an adult and begins a relationship with Mortimer Goth, with the couple marrying in part 25. Rose's step son Alexander turns into a teen in the next part. 

The Goths moved in with the Lotharios in order to give them some of their money, meanwhile Amanda aged up into an elder and purchased her own restaurant/bakery with the Goth's money. Don aged up into an elder during an anniversary party in part 27.


The Sims 2 LP has 29 episodes.

1 Apartment June 18, 2014
2 Fine Dining June 21, 2014
3 Donny Boy June 21, 2014
4 Caught! June 27, 2014
5 Prego June 28, 2014
6 DENIED! June 30, 2014
7 Baby July 6, 2014
8 The Bakery July 9, 2014
9 Kaylynn x2 July 10, 2014
10 Aging On Up July 15, 2014
11 I Blame Cassandra Goth October 17, 2014
12 Proposal October 23, 2014
13 Honeymoon October 28, 2014
14 Vacation Special October 29, 2014
15 That's Bonkers November 2, 2014
16 New House, New Looks November 6, 2014
17 Twins November 9, 2014
18 Madhouse November 11, 2014
19 Evil Witch November 15, 2014
20 Quick Clubbin' November 18, 2014
21 The Start Of Sugar Daddy Lane November 21, 2014
22 Mortimer Please December 6, 2014
23 Darren Dreamer December 8, 2014
24 Takemizu + TELEPORTING OLD MAN December 27, 2014
25 Takemizu Marriage January 7, 2015
26 Blabber January 9, 2015
27 Alec February 5, 2015
28 I Wasn't Done With You February 6, 2015
29 Weathernaught 57X March 24, 2015

Additional Episodes

On January 31, 2015, an additional episode called Let's Play: The Sims 2 - House Tour was uploaded. It showcased the new house of the Lothario family.

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