Trait Handy Under Construction

This page is under construction. Several informations on this page are missing or don't exist at all.

Here is the list of active admins:

User Position Tasks Current status
BlueSimmer21 Administrator Main Page, Templates Inactive
D27xn Administrator Page editing, content regulation Active
Zambia213 Bureaucrat Semi-Active

Definitions of current status

The table at the top of this page lists the current status of the various administrators on the wiki. Statuses are generally set as follows:

Current status Meaning/criteria
Active This administrator is always active.
Semi-Active This administrator may edit somewhat infrequently, but generally edits at least a few times a week. Their activity can be variable.
Absent This administrator has declared themselves to be absent from editing. Absent administrators may still edit, but often will not edit for weeks at a time. Long-time absent administrators are eventually tagged as 'inactive.'
Inactive This administrator is inactive.